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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Programme for research  technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No. 618099.
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The aim of OCEANERA-NET is to support coordination and cooperation of national/regional research funding programmes in ocean energy.
The aim of this second Joint Call is to promote the development and competitiveness of the ocean energy sector by supporting projects involving research, technology, development and innovation (RTDI) activities, developing, demonstrating or validating new and innovative technologies of ocean energies: Wave

Energy, Tidal Energy, Tidal and Ocean Currents, Salinity Gradient and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

The scope is needs-driven research addressing a technology area, as indicated above, and in addition, projects may address environmental and financial / legal issues. We will support transnational consortia with a minimum of two independent eligible organisations from at least 2 countries participating in the call. Balanced consortia with high added value of transnational collaboration and SMEs or large industry involvement are encouraged. Detailed information on call topics and eligibility criteria is provided in the Call Text.  

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Public funding will be provided by 12 national/regional Funding Organisations from 5 EU countries – Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden – and 6 EU regions – Asturias (Spain), Basque Country (Spain), Canary Islands (Spain), Cantabria (Spain), Flanders (Belgium) and Scotland (United Kingdom).
Organisations from other countries can also participate, as long as they guarantee their own funding. Eligible applicants, budget limits, financial rates and eligible activities vary between countries/ Funding Organisations: potential applicants must check national rules and contact their respective Funding Organisation prior to submitting an applications. Funding will be granted for a maximum of three years.
The application process is centralized, through the Joint Call Secretariat and OECEANERA-NET website and Electronic Submission and Evaluation System. It follows a two-stage submission process, consisting of a first Pre-proposal stage (for eligibility check) and a second Full Proposal stage (entailing both eligibility check and international evaluation by independent experts). Common evaluation criteria have been agreed. Projects are expected to ensure excellence, novelty, impact and high quality of implementation.
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The OCEANERA-NET 2016 Joint Call 

If you need help with your partner search please refer to the Enterprise Europe Network Partnering Opportunity Tool: EEN Partner Search.

OCEANERA-NET organised an information and brokerage event on 25th February as part of the International Conference on Ocean Energy 2016 in Edinburgh.


Guidance Document

Proposal Financial Plan

The 2016 Joint Call is now closed. 

To view funded projects from the 2014 Joint Call, click here.

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Karen Fraser

OCEANERA-NET Coordinator

For communications enquiries please contact:

Susanne Coles

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